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Our Cups Runneth Over…in every way that is a description of all of our lives. We all work. One works part time and the rest of us, full time. Three of us work outside the home, while the other one calls Ellen and the Days of Our Lives crew her co-workers, as she works from home.  Two of us live within 2 miles of each other, while the other two live over from a half hour to over an hour away from each other, depending on where we are meeting. Three of us are moms and one is a mom-to-be. A few of us get pregnant easily while another struggled with infertility. We have runners in this group and others who hope they are never forced to run. Some are better cooks than others. And some of us like our drinks more than others. But the one common denominator between all of us is that we lead busy lives that involve many different facets of interest. And we love (almost) every moment of it.

Andrea Ooten | Blog

Andrea spends most of her time trying to figure out how to manage her time. She is married to the love of her life, Brad, whom she shares the most amazing two kids with. Their lives are crazy hectic, because all of the Ootens just can’t say no to any project, idea, sport, or activity. If they aren’t at home, just stop by the nearest gym, ball field, track, or ballet studio to find them. An active insomniac, Andrea is a Diet Mountain Dew addict who works part-time for a local non-profit as a professional fundraiser. While her greatest passion is her family, she can’t resist a good charity project – nothing can make her happier than to see philanthropy in action, working for good. Andrea also loves do-it yourself projects, arts and crafts, and to write ridiculously long blog posts. And you will never find a post without a signature smiley face… in each paragraph. | Read more about Andrea HERE.

Rebecca “Becca” Price | Blog

Rebecca, who is originally from Australia (think Dr. Venkman ala Ghostbusters “So, where are you from?…. Originally…”) loves a good drink (of course) loves to procrastinate on anything that doesn’t come with a tiny umbrella and wonders how every other mum (I’m Australian, you’re going to have to get used to it) in this world manages to balance work, family, life and enough time to, god forbid, put on any make up EVER or blow dry her hair at least twice a week.  She works full time as the marketing director at a television station and she would love more mani and pedis in her life, but substitutes that with hanging out with, quite possibly, the coolest 4 year old on the planet, her son and her partner in parenting crime, her (dark haired blue eyed good lookin’) husband.   Becca lives for a good long run, a sunny, warm day outside (preferably on a beach) and will kick your arse any day of the week at Guitar Hero. | Read more about Becca HERE.

Priscilla “Cilla” Baierlein | BlogFacebookTwitter

Cilla loves life, loves her hubby, loves her one-in-a-million family, loves her close group of friends, loves all things pink and cute, and especially loves the growing little monkey that has taken over her body. Oh and photography is her jump-for-joy, smile-ear-to-ear, butterflies-in-her-stomach, passion. She married the man that made her laugh until she cried, didn’t care to dance with her when everyone or no one was watching, will take care of her when she’s sick, will go walking in a fresh snow with her (even though he hates it), will wipe her tears, and hold her close, is her opposite, and her best friend. She struggled with infertility for years and is now blessed with an upcoming bundle of joy due in August. | Read more about Cilla HERE.

Dawn Pigg | Twitter

Dawn is an attorney by day and a mom by night. Her greatest happiness is her two boys, Jackson and Carson. The other man in her life is her wonderful husband, Brandon. She also has a male cat, Max, in her house. She is surrounded by testosterone on a daily basis. As such, she is so excited to be part of this woman focused blog.  In her spare time you can find her either playing with her boys, watching sports, blogging or running. Most likely you will not find her ironing. She learns something new everyday and generally loves life. | Read more about Dawn