Fab Find Friday: Finding Simplicity

Written by Andrea


The word just sounds wonderful to me… it sounds perfect… and that’s probably because I feel like most times that’s the last word I would choose to define my life.

I absolutely and positively love my life… the fullness and the busy-ness… and the complete exhaustion of it all.

Yet, I find myself searching for ways to find simplicity.

When I say that I am in search of simplicity, it’s typically a search for ways to simplify the things I don’t love. I (almost) never consider sacrificing things like t-ball games, my running schedule, a cold beer with my husband while watching our favorite DVR shows, or even time that I spend writing blog posts. Instead, I’m on the never-ending quest to find ways to organize everything that I HAVE to do, whether I enjoy it or not.

I have often joked with my friends about being a tad-bit OCD. And, if that’s the case, then, well, I am just now in the throes of a full-blown organizational OCD attack (or whatever the proper medical terminology would be).:)

You see, my friends, I came across a website that just might change my life.

Yes, I am being purposefully dramatic.

But, I know you are dying to see this Fab Find Friday website. It’s already impacting my life… positively.:)

Here’s how.

We have what I would call a catch-all in our house. It’s our kitchen bar. It catches the mail. It catches the keys. It catches the kids’ lunchboxes and homework and art projects. It catches coupons that have been clipped. It catches virtually everything that does not have a specific place in the house.

And, I’ve grown sick of it. I clean it up… it returns to piles of paperwork and artwork in just a few short days.

Every attempt I have made at organizing it has been short-lived. None of my ideas have worked. They end up with the same result… stacks of paper.

But, I think I found the solution through this post by The Simple Mom. If you read through the post, she shares several links, including this one by Tanna Clark at Complete Organizing Solutions.

And, here’s what I came up with… from her inspirational posts.:)

A place for everything… and everything in its place.

My favorite part is probably the new black dry erase magnet board that I bought for about $15 at Michael’s. It’s not really the board that I love, but the organizational idea behind it. I love my calendar and my to-do list, but there always seems to be a form or note or something that I need to hang onto regarding something for the kids or an upcoming party. I have them scattered everywhere and have missed important dates because of it. Well, now, I use this black board to hang anything that needs action. I have a spot for Bailey, a spot for Jake, and a spot for other things. And, as you can see, it doesn’t replace my calendar and corkboard, where I can feature some of my favorite notes, pictures, and artwork.

One of the other things I loved was the filing system. I have had the box below for months and have used it for mail. It came with a divider system, so I would put the mail in one slot, coupons in another, and other “sheets of paper” in the third one. Well… it ended up being a piled up, jumbled together mess. Now, I have files for the most common pieces of paper that I have:

And, of course, the lovely basket of electronics and keys, among other miscellaneous items.:)This one is working… it is SO working.:)

I’m even more inspired now that I can see that organizational systems really do exist for all of my needs.:)I’m working on hanging up wooden dowels like this one in Bailey and Jake’s closets to give them added space for clothes (and easier access to said clothes).

Yes, a Fab Find Friday that is simply… simple.:)



April McFalls - May 18, 2011 - 10:54 am

Thanks for sharing! I love to organize and enjoyed your ideas!

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