When a House Becomes a Home…

Written by Dawn.

For those of you who follow my personal blog you know that our house now looks like this…

…pending appraisal and inspection (so please say a prayer all goes well…thanks :)). You also would know what a truly llllooooonnnnngggg process it has been in this slow housing market.

So, because we were here for so long after putting our home on the market we still managed to make it ours…to continue to improve on it and make it feel even more like our home. Most of these improvements involved pictures…I am a picture girl. In particular, Cilla’s pictures. Yeah, I’m kind of one of her biggest fans, even before she was a good friend of mine :). And I have been so fortune to have her take our pictures a few times. Of course, when she took our pictures, well, then I just had to frame them and put them in several places in our home.

Circa Fall 2008

Minus our bathrooms, we pretty much had pictures in every single room.

All framed photos taken by www.priscillabphotography.com, Circa December 2009

And, of course, one of my very first posts on here was how to build a shelf, specifically to display more of these gorgeous pictures…

All framed photos taken by www.priscillabphotography.com, Circa October 2010


But now we only have a few weeks to pack up and move (and, I mean, seriously, I am the farthest thing from a pack rat…so how did we accumulate so much stuff?!?!). And because my framed pictures are so important to me, I made the decision to take them all down to send back with my parents yesterday so that none of them would get damaged when the big move happens.

You know what happened when I took them down and looked around? I cried. Sad tears. And that is when it hit me that while I already knew I loved these photos and loved displaying them…but they were more…they transformed a simple brick house into our home. A home I loved. And removing them from the wall instantaneously turned it back into a house with much less personality. So I cried sad tears at the memories made in this home…bringing Carson home from the hospital here (with Cilla taking his newborn pictures here), Jackson taking his first steps and then learning to ride his first bike with training wheels, all the cookouts and wonderful times. And I wanted to keep those pictures on the wall and keep it a home. (Brandon told me he thought I would need a nap after I took them all down because I had to be exhausted from removing so many from the walls…funny guy…funny guy!).

But then I realized that while those pictures would be temporarily packed up, they would eventually be unpacked and put on our new walls. And, while we will renting for a few months and so we cannot really call the place our own I know that by adding our pictures back on the walls (and hopefully being able to build another picture ledge) it will again transform from being just a house into our home.  And with that I smiled…a happy smile.

What makes your house feel like your home?

Jill - June 20, 2011 - 3:16 pm

Oh,Dawn! I totally remember feeling this exact same way around this time last year. What I can tell you, is that it’s the people and memories that make a house a home. You will create new firsts and fill it with new memories. It’s a hard chapter to close, but an exciting time too! xoxo

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