Vintage Summer Baby Shower

Written by Andrea
Some of you may not know that I don’t have a sister. I have two brothers who mean the world to me, but not a sister.

The closest thing I have is my best friend, Cilla, who I have to say is as good as any sister could get. Bailey agrees… she told her friend the other day that her mom has a “pretend sister.”

So, when your sister has a baby, you throw her a baby shower, right?:)

I have never had so much fun planning a party in my life. I’m really not exaggerating here. I loved Jake’s superhero party. I loved Bailey’s princess party. I have planned some really fun events for different places that I’ve worked. Never did I have this much fun.

Most of it was because I was so excited to celebrate this baby boy… and his incredible parents. But, a lot of it was because I was planning with four awesome ladies who helped come up with such cute and creative ideas and helped me pull them off in excellent fashion (if I do say so myself).:)Dawn, Rebecca, Diana, and Keisha – thanks for all that you did to make the shower perfect for Cilla… thanks for not thinking that my ideas were completely insane… and, most importantly, thanks for giving into my need to constantly change my mind or run different things by you over and over.:)And, of course, my mom and Kathy (my mom-in-law) are always my reinforcements, helping me to actually get the last minute details done and the not-so-fun job of cleaning everything up at the end. Thank you both, too. Oh… and Bailey… for helping to sharpen pencils and carry things in with her dad and brother.

So, where to begin?

The planning started, of course, with the invitation list and the invitations.

Sweet Cricket Design put together the cutest, most adorable invitations we could have asked for. We had this idea of asking each guest to bring a book for Baby Steffen’s library. Cilla and Bret love to read. I have laughed at how many times Cilla has called and told me that she and Bret went on a date and the biggest part of it consisted of them wondering around the local bookstore.:)They truly, truly love to read. So, a library for Steffen is a must. Sweet Cricket Design went above and beyond. I was just hopeful for a little insert telling the guests our great idea… but, no, they did it one step better and gave us an adorable book label for the guests to sign to Steffen. Just see for yourself:

I would highly recommend Sweet Cricket if you are looking for the perfect party invitation design! Not only are the designs adorable and affordable, but the owner, Kate, is a breeze to work with!! (Sweet Cricket is also on Snapfish). Thank you so much for making it so wonderful!

Once we had the invites out and ready, we started planning all the other details. I knew as soon as I started thinking about a shower in summer that we had to go with a vintage, yet trendy, and a little splash of country summer to make it all… for lack of a better word, Cilla. I started sending the girls ideas and everyone chipped in suggestions and ideas and offered to do things… creating a really fun and adorable (and easy to plan) party.

Because I can ramble on and on about why we chose each thing and how we came across with the ideas to do this or that, I will try to be brief. I’ll try to give you the simplistic rundown, broken down in categories. I know… you laugh… especially when you see the length of my “briefer posts.”

This was probably my favorite part of the party, because we had so much inspiration from Cilla. She loves all things vintage and had already started talking about so many ideas to incorporate into Stef’s room. And, of course, we found things on Pinterest that just made us all fall in love. Mason jars, Coke bottles, and crates were the first inspirations. We envisioned Coke bottles with fresh flowers on the tables… white tablecloths… and Mason jars to drink from. We loved the idea of lemonade pitchers, rolled silverware, and a pie table with an assortment of pies. All things vintage… and all things summery.

The touches that really pulled it all together for us, though, were the small details. We had decided to make a chalkboard complete with photos from Cilla and Bret’s journey to get pregnant through IVF (inspired by the ladies at the Creative Mama). And, once we had that idea, we started coming across other ideas, like these chalkboard tags. We loved the thought of putting Steffen’s due date and name on these and tying them around the mason jars that we were using for drinks. And, then we saw these food markers and decided that they’d be perfect for the food tables, too. Dawn and I were happy to split the cost on these so that we could have them for later.:)Yes, we totally justified our spending easily.

One of the other things I loved immediately was the pom poms. Cilla had gone on and on about these for a while, so as soon as I ran across this tutorial, I decided it was a must. I was going to learn to do these, because they looked so simple. And, THEY WERE… easy, inexpensive and adorable. (Note: My only change on the tutorial would be to add a couple of extra sheets to make them fuller). After I made a few of the big ones, I decided I had to go ahead and make the small ones for the silverware. It didn’t take that long and were so worth it. They looked so cute.

The menu for this party came really easy to us all. After a short consideration of an alternate menu, we decided a summer meal with fresh fruit, tomatoes and cucumbers (Cilla’s favorite), chicken salad croissants, pasta salad, and macaroni salad was the best choice. I wanted to do something a little different… for some reason that I never will understand why I can’t just be traditional. We had to pull in lemonade because of the summer aspects, but why not Coke in glass bottles (and even maybe root beer!)? Still, nothing got me as excited as the adorable picture of a summer party that included a pie table; I was sold. Instead of the traditional cake, we would do a pie table. Cilla loves pie (as do I!) and what is more summery than pie and ice cream? So, we went a little over the top and made way too much dessert, but we had apple pie, blackberry cobbler, peach cobbler, strawberry pie, coconut cream pie, and a huge bowl of ice cream and mason jars of whipped cream. As with all of the food, we tried to keep with the vintage theme and displayed everything in glass bowls, jars or stands, and beautiful platters.

Everyone had a wonderful time at the party. I loved how it all came together and that everyone seemed so happy with it all. I was especially happy that Cilla loved it, since we tried not to tell her much of what we were planning… and so much (if not all) of the party was inspired by her favorite things. And, Cilla and Bret got many wonderful new things for Steffen. I loved that everyone brought such meaningful gifts for them – embroidered items, special books with deep meaning to their families, and items that they simply will not want to do without. I was so touched by how many people took the time to really think about what they were getting Cilla, Bret, and Stef. It just goes to show how special they are to all of us. We can’t wait to meet that baby boy! It won’t be long now!

kate @ sweet cricket design - June 27, 2011 - 2:19 pm

wow, everything came together so lovely! Great job, ladies! I enjoyed creating the invites and bookplates for you :)

Ashley Wilks - June 27, 2011 - 11:22 am

For some crazy reason I’ve been waiting to hear about this shower! I just knew you girls would do it extra special. Congrats to all!!

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