What I Love Wednesday…

Introduction by Dawn. Written by all of us ladies at Our Cups Runneth Over.

Today we are doing something a bit different…we are taking a day and linking up with this kind of love to share with you all what we are loving this Wednesday. We have over time given you all pretty good peeks into each of us and what we like (and even dislike). But we are very excited to even share a bit more of what at this current moment in time we are loving.

We would also love to know what you are loving on this Wednesday…please do share.


*All four seasons… and whichever one we are in is my absolute favorite. Right now, I’m loving the summer… grilling out every night, swimming at our neighborhood pool, finding the kids curled up at night in sheer exhaustion from a busy day, watching a late night softball game with Jake curled up in my lap, Bailey running in a nearby field chasing fireflies, watching a movie under the stars cuddled up with my three favorite people at the drive in, roasting marshmallows in our firepit, and living simply. Summer. It is my favorite (right now).

*Finding new craft blogs to follow, like this one that I’m dying to share with everyone, called “Running with Scissors.” I am incredibly excited about her sewing room/office. Oh. My. Gosh. Her sewing area makes me jealous… so jealous. I’m totally renovating the office now.

*Special plans for my special kiddos. I love that my parents and my mother-in-law have made every effort to make big plans for the coming week for my kiddos. They are spending the week at their grandparents, getting spoiled and experiencing “the good life.” I’m sure there will be many late nights, too much pop, tons of sugary and greasy foods, and lots and lots of cuddling. Mom, Dad, Kathy – can I come spend the week with you instead?:)

*Long, holiday weekends and time on the boat. I love that this weekend brings a long, holiday weekend that we will spend with our families. We will eat delicious foods. We will relax with our families. We will camp out with our two favorite children in the world for the first time (eek). We will spend hours and hours in the sun and on our boat. If only we could have more weekends like this with our families. Summer – stay longer, please?!

*The old adage “Make new friends but keep the old…” is what I love the most today. I love my old friends… the dependable girls on this blog included… that I call at any given point when I am freaking out, celebrating, or just wanting to hang out (I love the husbands and kids, too). They are all there in different ways, all perfect. And, I love that my circle seems to expand through my kids, my work, and Brad’s work. Our hearts are full from time spent with our closest circle AND our newest friends. I get excited every time I open an e-mail, a text, or answer the phone call from one of our friends who wants to have a play date, go to a drive in movie, or cook out on the back deck. Time well spent…:)



*Storms.  6am, wake up to them at your window, lightning, heavy rain storms.  There’s nothing better than waking up to those sounds, those smells and being all tucked up in my most favorite and comfortable place, next to my favorite people.  A good cup of English breakfast tea with a dash of milk and 2 Splendas wouldn’t hurt, either.

*Big Band and Jazz & Blues.  I’m not a fanatic, but I can’t think of anything more perfect for a brisk fall afternoon that also involves a casual White Russian.  I can’t get into a snobbish, pissing match conversation with a cashmere sweater, Lacoste shirt wearing nautical shoes person who has a summer house in Nantucket, or how Coltrane was better than whomever and only when he was using the junk… But, I have an appreciation for the funky beats and the mood that only Jazz and Blues can put you in when it’s a crisp fall afternoon and you’re taking in what’s left of the little bit of warming Sun on your patio that day.  One of my favorites.   http://www.amazon.com/A-Wink-And-Smile/dp/B00137SUKQ )

*Movie trailers, SNL digital shorts (not all of them), you tube videos and anything random that makes me laugh so hard I snort milk out my nose.  Also see here: Just generally laughing.  I have a laugh that has been described as “well, we know you’re building today because we heard you cackling down the hallway..” and that description doesn’t just lie at one workplace either…  I sometimes wish I had a girly sweet little laugh, but hell, those can’t be near as much fun as laughing so hard and so loud that you are exhausted afterwards.    Also laughing with other people, and looking back and having no idea what you were laughing about, but laughing is what you remember because the Jager shots wouldn’t let you have it any other way.  Excellent.
<Side Note to Movie Trailers:  If I could answer the question “What do I want to be when I grow up?” in under one sentence.. it would be this.  I want to make movie trailers.  I LOVE movie trailers, I want to edit them, write them, add a sound track and make them.  SOO cool.  I mean, how much did you love that movie before you went and saw it and realized it was a waste of your $10 bucks?  Movie trailer people, they are GENIUSES!  It’s the only reason Transformers 2 made ANY MONEY.>

*Email.  I love it.  Opposed to the phone, of course.  It’s sometimes the ONLY accountability tool you have in your belt for idiots. I love how fast I type and how some emails are business related, some are not, some are Dilbert cartoons and some are what started out as business exchanges but got drawn out into a million “RE:”s that slowly lead you down a hilarious path of not working and anxiously anticipating the next reply for your already prepared “Zing!” that most likely ends in something like “That’s what she said.”.

*“The first cut into a fresh piece of construction paper.” – Stewie: Family Guy.  It’s so quotable.  I’m an immature magnet for all movies and things quotable. So much so, that I could replace any real meaningful adult conversation with movie quotes and banter back and forth based on hilarious things other people have said, especially from Family Guy, it’s also an instant bond between you and that person you just met whom you would otherwise be having an awkward conversation with, until one of you blurted out “like that one episode of Family guy when Peter said “A boat’s a boat, but a mystery box could be anything, it could even be a boat!”  Stewie, in his endless futile endeavors, plotting to kill “Lois the vile woman”.  Brian’s witty almost completed Brown University educated one liners and his inability to complete that novel he’s been writing for 10 seasons as well as his mild drinking problem, are all foundations for what can only be described as mindless and sometimes sick, but quick humor, that you shouldn’t ever take seriously.  C’mon people, it’s a talking baby and a talking Dog, a horrible role model as a father, sex addict neighbor, token black character along with the token handicapped neighbor, Jewish pharmacist…. all created and mostly voiced by Seth McFarlane, who is not only moderately to highly attractive in an all black suit (button down collared shirt, no tie – few people can pull that look off) but also has a fantastic singing voice.  I mean, fantastic.



* Him. I’m constantly amazed at how much this particular love continues to strengthen. The growth can be seen in a hug, an “I love you” whisper, a night time snuggle, or in a perfect evening together. I pray our love only continues to strengthen as our lives become increasingly consumed by our little bundle of joy.

* Hole in the wall restaurants. Seriously….I love them. This one particular place (Eli’s BBQ in Dunedin, FL) we visited while on vacation. As soon as I opened the car door, I was in Heaven. The smell of pork being smoked consumed me and they won me over right then and there. Sitting under the huge oak trees on the little wooden picnic tables…even with the flies abound (hey…it was outside FL in the summer)…I fell in love with their BBQ and perhaps with another little piece of FL.

* Searching for sea shells. Yes…I am a big kid. There’s just something I love about the difference in every sea shell. I love to sit and examine them while the water from the ocean sweeps up on my toes. Each has an unique texture, color, pattern. It never fails. Once I’ve sat and examined a sea shell, no matter how small, I hate throwing it back. Even if it’s teeny, tiny, it’s still unique.

* The sound of my camera. I know that may seem strange. To me, there is just nothing like the sound of an SLR camera. I love being behind the lens. I feel at home there. I go into my own world. I don’t notice or pay attention to the people around me. They all just disappear. It’s just me, the subject in front of me, and the sound of my camera. It’s relaxing, comforting, and reassuring.

* Planning. I’m great at organizing and planning. I may not be good at staying organized or finishing out a plan, but I am great at putting it together. I love it. It makes me feel prepared. When I’m organized or have a well thought out plan, I feel…well, less overwhelmed by everything. You can see it right now in my home. We have a list in Steffen’s room for the nursery, two lists on the refrigerator for the house and other things that need to be done before he arrives, a list on my Evernote of business things I need to get done, and another list on my Evernote of sessions that are in progress. On top of that, I also have a list of things I need to pack in my hospital bag and a list of all the people who need to be contacted when he decides to make his entrance. Oh…and a list of all the thank you cards we need to get out. Yes, these lists have been made for a while and there’s not even a good dent in them. Now, I’m getting down to the mode of lets see what we can realistically get done. Internet world, I am scared that my lists will, in the end, only show a plan that wasn’t finished. In the end, it doesn’t matter how prepared we feel, he’s making his debut. I guess this is something you’re never really truly prepared for. In all honesty, if he arrived today, we would be fine. BUT I would prefer he hang out in there just a little while longer. Keep kicking Mommy’s ribs and growing growing growing.


*My boys…all 3 of them…but this week even more so my 2 little ones. This sounds so cliche, I know. However, even more than normal, this week I am holding them a tad tighter and hugging them a bit more…holding Carson a few seconds longer even if I really need to put him down and get busy on my to-do list…and taking precious time away from packing to play Chutes and Ladders with Jackson (in what turned out to be the longest game ever). Praying for good health and just being thankful they are mine.

*The kindness of others. We are currently in the crazy mix of packing our house (how did we accumulate so much stuff?) to move to another state. We have had so many people offer to help in one way or another – from watching the boys, to helping us pack and then move…really you name it and people have been offering. I feel so truly blessed and will miss the people who have been such a part of our lives here.

*Pizza…of course, pizza. I can’t be all serious :). I love me some pizza. Like at an obsessive level. We are going Friday to one of my favorite places and, yes, I am counting down the days. Can.Not.Wait!!!

*Random Acts of Kindness. They take a second but yet make me feel like a million bucks. My friend, Maria, sent me this link today…Random Acts of Pizza. Yes, you absolutely read that right…random acts of kindness AND pizza!! It is like a dream come true for me. I am so doing this. It’s a list item and will definitely be checked off in July and subsequent months. If you have never done a random act of kindness…take a moment and do one today. It doesn’t have to be large…in fact, it can be quite small, even if it is spur of the moment.  I guarantee it will be one of the highlights of your day!! It always is for me.

*Reading other blogs. I read several. They give me inspiration, comic relief, make me prayerful and just all around make my day enjoyable.  They are such a nice break in my day and a great way to unwind at night. I never thought I’d be a big blogger but now that I am I just love it!


What do you love on this Wednesday?


Brooke - June 29, 2011 - 9:45 pm

Oh, you had me at the sound of a DSLR… seriously… nothing like it!! :) So glad to have found your adorable blog. Hop on over to my place and enter my giveaway to win an awesome new camera strap for your camera!! With love….


New Mom on the Blog - June 29, 2011 - 10:49 am

You are just the BEST!
Can my thing that I love be “What I love Wednesdays”?

Such a postive, sunshiney way to celebrate hump day!

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