10 Things Tuesday: Ten Reasons to Have a Beach Wedding

Written by Andrea

Eight years ago today, I married Brad on the shore of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was perfect for us. It was easy to plan. It was laid back. It was fun. There were only a few fleeting moments of stress. There were hundreds of fun memories and a wedding day that I will never forget (and I hope he doesn’t either). It wasn’t about me as the bride and everything that I wanted. I mean, sure, I don’t really think Brad had a care in the world about the seashell candies that decorated our cake.:)BUT… the wedding was about us. It was not about my cousin’s best friend’s sister-in-law who had to be invited because she knew someone I was related to. It was close-knit, fun, and just a perfect day for us.

So, are you thinking about getting married at the beach? Or just thinking about weddings, in general? Or just want to know why in the world someone would go off to the beach to get married?

Here are my 10 reasons to have a beach wedding:

  1. The tan. Enough said, right? If you are like we were, you can go a week ahead of the wedding and spend your mornings in the sun, afternoons planning for the wedding, and the evenings eating (see number 6).:)
  2. The sand and water. I could hate the sand and the water for lots of reasons… the fact that it stuck to the bottom of my dress and could have easily ruined my dress… or because it virtually sticks to you forever. But, instead, it is completely a reason FOR getting married at the beach. Is there anything more perfect in the world than the sand and water lapping at your feet?
  3. The natural beauty. Like the idea of keeping your budget small? What about a free background for your wedding? I spent no money on decorations for the actual wedding ceremony. And, there is no where else in the world that I would even come close to considering getting married in the rain. Yet, when a few rain clouds showed up before the time for our ceremony, I sent Brad a message to see what he wanted to do if it rained… his response was perfect… “We’ll get married in the rain.” Fortunately, it was beautiful weather… the clouds blew over right as the wedding began.
  4. The comfort of no shoes. Now, I know I’m from Kentucky, but despite all of the funny jokes about us being barefoot and pregnant and all other terrible, untrue myths, getting married barefoot on the beach is acceptable and cute.:)Just get a pedicure and (to prevent being burned like Brad was that week) apply sunscreen to your feet.
  5. The short invitation list. We didn’t want a big wedding. In fact, we could keep the list of people that we wanted to attend the wedding at about 50-60 people. So, we worked it out to rent a home that was large enough for almost everyone that was able to be there. It served as our home for a week. It included a huge backyard with a pool and hot tub. That is also where we held our reception (again, saving money). We didn’t want to get married in front of strangers… people we HAD to invite because they were related to someone we knew.
  6. The food. If you love seafood, I don’t even need to explain this. The food at the beach = yum. What is better than arriving at your wedding location a week early and eating dinner at all of your favorite restaurants for about 6 days straight? Bliss. Simple bliss.
  7. The extended honeymoon. Despite the fact that we spent almost a week at the beach prior to our wedding, we still felt like we needed some time for the two of us. We spent a few days after our wedding at a beach in Florida. I’m not sure there are many times in life when everyone you talk to understands your need for more time at the beach than when you are getting married. Take advantage!
  8. The stress free environment. When I visit the beach, I am so much more relaxed. Everything in the world seems calmer and easier and just more beautiful. Life is less stressful. So much that jumping in the pool in my wedding dress was just one more way to celebrate a perfect day.:)
  9. The light for your photographer. If only Cilla had been a photographer when we got married! She loves the beach because of the light… and I can just imagine the beautiful photos we would have if she had been the photographer. We were not disappointed with our photos at all (but none of them are digital and I completely forgot that until I was writing this post and searching all over my computer for them. :))… but there is such a difference when you see someone like Cilla’s photography and know what could have been. Sigh. Trust me, she swears the light is perfection… 
  10. The chance to be in your favorite place in the world with the person you love… and your closest family and friends. Our beach wedding is one of my favorite memories, because it is the one and only time that I’ve had nearly every person that I loved together at my favorite place in the world. We had so many great times before the wedding, getting ready for the wedding, enjoying the bachelor and bachelorette parties :), and celebrating our love overlooking the unending ocean.

Happy anniversary to the love of my life… eight years later and I still wouldn’t change a thing!

kristyn - July 5, 2011 - 9:41 am

I always forget that our anniversaries are so close. We celebrate 6 years on saturday. Happy anniversary! And post us when becca has that baby!

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