Sock Monsters

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So, you know I don’t consider myself crafty, though to the contrary, I’ve completed quite successfully of late, several crafty and artsy activities.  Successfully, and none more surprised than myself.  I still don’t consider myself crafty, but just “creative” and when it turns out WELL and not in a tantrum with destroyed elements in trash can, I consider it a win.  However big or small that may be.   If it’s not an epic fail, it’s a win to me.

Back when I embarked on my 32nd or so, attempt at channeling my “creativity” into something “crafty” knowing that my projects usually end up in a mess, I came upon “Ugly Sock Monsters” by John Murphy.  I figured, that if I could make these and they were SUPPOSED to be ugly and weird looking, if I screwed up, nobody would notice, right?  RIGHT.  Win.

Excellent. They’re supposed to look weird, the chances of me actually succeeding (at this point in time) are slim to none, so let’s set the bar LOW and try this again!

Minus a sewing machine at this point (and really I wouldn’t have it any other way making these sock monsters – though if I make more I will use my new sewing machine) I began reading my first pattern/instructions and bought the necessary items.

Doll needle, fabric thread (for jean type material etc..) , ugly socks, buttons for eyes, polyester stuffing, check.  And since this particular retailer didn’t offer patience as a product or tantrum insurance, I had to go with mentally sucking it up and giving it another shot.  NO refunds, just make it work, or make it out with as few F-bombs as possible.  Again, setting my sights LOW.  The F-bombs were definitely a challenge for me, but I dropped about 40% less than usual completing this task.

I started with what Joseph named “Henry”.  Not only did it “turn out” it turned out awesome and I was floating on cloud nine, I was so proud of myself I walked around with my imaginary medal pinned on my chest, puffed out for weeks.  It looked cool, my kid thought it was cool and I MADE IT WITH MY BARE HANDS…….and some helpful instruction.


I got a little TOO cocky and purchased this book and then I made a few disasters.  The title and I were instantly attracted.



I under-stuffed this bunny/rabbit looking mess and then made a rectangle thingy that ended up at my local goodwill after Joseph dubbed it “Waffle Guy”, it was really just a total mess.  I tried working with other materials, but to make animals and cuddlies, I haven’t found any other better material than socks.  Stretchy, soft, everything you need.  And just the right amount of fabric.


Disaster, Exhibit A.

Disaster, Exhibit B

I moved on to more sock monsters.  Success.  Here’s Bacon and Mr. Peanut Butter Pants.  All named by my then, 3 year old.  And most recently, Strawberry Henry.



Mr. Peanut Butter Pants

Strawberry Henry

Not only do these socks make my kid happy, I’m making some for friends and family and I LOVE DOING IT.  From start to finish, hand stitching, it’s a total of about 4 hours.  But I feel awesome at the end.  I WISH I’d come up with this idea, it’s GENIUS!  This guy, John is awesome with his millions of creatures, you can check them out here on his website. These are way cooler than your typical stuffed animal and it’s made with a lot more love than your wal-mega-mart child labor produced fire hazard teddy bears.


Here’s some of John Murphy’s books and suggestions.  Purchase some of the kits here on Amazon.

Rebecca K Price - July 31, 2011 - 2:46 pm


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