10 Things Tuesday: My 10 favorite smells

Written by Rebecca

DO I need to state the obvious here?  If only Cadbury Mini Eggs had a smell, that would be my top smell, my only smell and all ten of my ten best smells, however, unfortunately, chocolate actually doesn’t smell much, which is a crying shame, but it sure makes up for it in taste!  As my senses, just like my hormones these days (I wrote this while still pregnant, but we can safely assume that my hormones are still raging at this point..), are in overload, I thought I’d share my top ten, most favorite smells and why.  Also, in no particular order.  I don’t want to be judged on the assumption that, because garlic is in the number one position, that I reek of that stuff all the time, though it does keep the vampires at bay.

Courtesy gardening.ktsa.com

UNO.  Garlic.  We pulled our very first freshly grown (a little on the miniature side, but nonetheless Price family cultivated) clove of garlic the other day and it smelled wonderful.  Every time I cook with garlic (which, besides oatmeal, when is there not an appropriate time to cook with garlic?) I must strongly resist the urge to eat a huge chunk of it raw.  I still do from time to time and as it stings my lips,  I grimace with delicious garlic flavor on my lips and only slightly regret my move.  Whenever the recipe calls for garlic, I ignore what it suggests always put in 6.

One of my favorite beaches in Australia, Greenmount Beach, Coolangatta, QLD

DOS.  The morning Ocean. This has to be related to my upbringing in Australia.  There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and smelling the salt and the water in the air.  I can’t get past this smell and it’s something that I could wake up to every morning of my life, for the rest of my life.

If only there were scratch n sniff computer screens for blogs...

Numero Three.  Country Chic scent from Bath and Body Works. I have only RECENTLY come across this smell and it catapulted up to one of my top ten smells of all times.  It’s soft, kind of like a linen with sunshine and country hills, exactly how you think a stunning white daisy with a perfect yellow stigma, exactly as how you’d picture a wild daisy to look and smell like, this is that smell.

Courtesy News.com.au

Four.  Sunscreen.  NOT spray sunscreen, but the SPF 50 Banana Boat kind.  It’s the smell of summer, of long days, of back home in Australia at the beach.  It’s the smell of sweating that only gets relieved with a body shattering dive into the deep end of a pool that’s 30 degrees below your sunned core body temperature.  Smelling it reminds me of the surf life guards on Australian beaches, their red speedos, dorky red and yellow life guard hats and the white zinc plastered over their noses to evade the all too rampant Australian skin cancer, causing sun.

Again, scratch n sniff needed.

5.  Macintosh Apple – Yankee Candle. There’s Macintosh Peach, Macintosh and Granny Smith, there’s a TON of variations which each hold a special place, but yet, none like the original.  This smell is the best because it fits every season, every room of your house and every mood you’re trying to set.  It’s not floral, it’s not spicy, it’s not going to mess with food smells in your house, it’s just going to hang around and smell crisp and delicious, exactly the way a real Macintosh Apple should.

Six.  Whatever smell that unexpectedly takes you back to a favorite memory from years ago, that spontaneously snuck up on you, but has now just put a smile on your face and made your day as you are now able to spend the next 5 – 20 minutes trying to exactly place that smell in that exact point of time you can barely remember, so you are now blissfully reminiscing about how that smell is associated with something very memorable from your past, you’re not quite sure what, but it’s awesome and you keep inhaling that smell and not moving from your current position in the hopes that it won’t go away or that you’ll be able to find that smell from your past again soon.

SlapPappy Brewing

SEVEN!!!  Beer brewing. Walking into the house and smelling the hops and warm wheaty smell, kinda like a loaf of bread, but something better. I didn’t particularly like this smell too much at first, but since Mr. Price has taken up home brewing with a passion, it’s something I’ve grown to love and really enjoy.  I know he’s in the kitchen, carefully measuring the ingredients, babysitting the water temperature as carefully as you would for your newborns bath.  He’s so good at it, I almost think I’m going to walk in with him wearing goggles, a white lab coat and mixing with test tubes and a Bunsen burner.  The smell takes me to the chronological order by which Mr. Price will complete his brewing stages, next week, every day after he arrives home from work, he will lift the towel from over the carboy and check in his bubbling and fermenting beer, every so carefully, rub his hands together and and make an indistinguishable sound. < Insert mental high five here. > Mr. Price is a very happy chappy when brewing beer and an even happier chappier 3-4 weeks later when the beer is ready to drink.  Making something for your friends and family that you took the time to carefully construct and then share with them, is something very cool.

Breathe in and Breathe out. ahhhhhhhh

Ocho. Coffee.  I don’t drink the stuff, I tried and I can’t, I’m a hot cuppa tea lady, myself.  Sure I can swing a vanilla low fat latte from Starbucks, but when it comes to smells, go on and brew up the dark bold stuff that fills an area with the greatest of aromas.  I once worked at Starbucks (GREAT place to work) and although I was probably the ONLY ONE that didn’t like coffee, I was taught how to sell it and recommend coffees based on their scents.  Selling and sampling pastries, now, I was the QUEEN.

NEIN!   Carbon paper. If you went to school in the 80s, this is how they made copies.  The paper was Grey and flimsy and the print on it was purple.  It was a carbon copy, but yet, that was how I completed all my dot to dots and spelling exercises when I was in primary school.  OLD SCHOOL.

Courtesy myrecipes.com

Number 10.   Sweet Potato casserole. OMG.  Fall is here, all the candles and every single Pier One in the country are all stocked up on the scents of thanksgiving and fall.  It’s the ONLY reason I’m slightly excited that Summer is over.

You’ve got a favorite smell, I just know it.  Tell us about it!  comment here, email us or Our Cups Runneth Over Facebook.


Shauna - July 26, 2011 - 9:25 am

I’m actually suprised you didn’t put the newborn baby smell on your list :) I love the smell of baby lotion and particularly how my baby smells after she’s lathered up. Ahhhh!

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