Streamer Ponytails

Written by Andrea; Photos all taken by my crappy phone (ugh is all I’m saying).

If there was ever a post that I wish I didn’t NEED photos, this is the one. My camera has been broken since my vacation in June and, despite my best intentions, I have yet to get it fixed. Not that my photos are ever really that great anyway (I have a good mini camera thingy, nothing fancy like my three counterparts on here have – hint – if anyone wants to blow some money on someone for no good reason, I’d love to be that recipient. :))


School in our world is about to begin and that means I’ve been shopping for school clothes. Of course, not for me, but for my two kiddos… Oh, the expense of having a daughter. Oh, the joys of having a daughter.  I created a monster many years ago, when she was a meager few weeks old and I would spend my days of maternity leave dressing her up and taking pictures of her in various outfits. I would take complete rolls of film of her in one outfit or another, with a different bow or headband on top of her head. Yes, we did have a 35mm camera (that I still have, by the way) and we did use film still. No, she isn’t 30… she is only 6. Technology is crazy. And, my daughter, well, she got the bug early. She loves fashion, shopping, and as much as anything… accessories. Purses. Shoes. Sunglasses. Socks. Jewelry. Hairbows.

These accessories… they are expensive. I love some Gymboree… and I cannot leave the store without the accessories. Shew.

So, a few years ago, I stumbled across the directions to make hairbows online. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact site I was on that taught me the things I needed to know, but I so enjoyed figuring out the tips to make these wonderfully expensive accessories. I spent entire evenings making bows to match each and every outfit.

You can guess that I’m still doing that, right? And, with new clothes for school, I have lots of hairbows to make.

Today, I share with you, my instructions (complete with terrible photos) on how to make streamer ponytail hairbows for your favorite little girl (or yourself, if you are into that sorta thing).:)

Here goes.

Items that you’ll need:

Ribbon – in this example, I use four different types of ribbon. Three coordinating ribbons for the actual streamers and a small 3 inch long section of 1/4-inch wide ribbon in a matching color.

Ponytail/Elastic band

Sewing machine or some kind of fabric glue (I don’t particularly like fabric glue… I’m really messy with it)

Step 1:

Cut three sections of ribbon for the streamer section. I cut the three ribbons into 22 inch sections, but depending on the person wearing them, you could make them longer or shorter. (If you cut the ribbons in 22 inch sections, your finished ribbon length will be about 11 inches long).

Step 2:

Put the three ribbons together lengthwise and run them through the ponytail/elastic band, like so:

The ribbons should all be about equal in length.

Step 3:

Take the 3 inch long section of 1/4-inch wide ribbon and wrap it around the band of ribbons, as close to the elastic band as possible. You may need to trim this small piece down, depending on the width of the ribbon you use for the streamers.

Step 4:

Using your sewing machine (or glue), seal the ribbon together. I sew a stitch lengthwise across each edge of the 3-inch ribbon (bottom and top) so that the ribbon streamers are secured.

And, voila! You have streamer ponytails! I trim the end of the ribbons and seal them with clear fingernail polish or an anti-fraying liquid that you can purchase at your local craft store!

Shauna - August 3, 2011 - 9:59 am

LOVE IT! I love making bows! My little one isn’t big enough for the pony yet but will be before i know it i’m sure. And just a tip that I use for sealing the ends, I just run the ribbon really quickly through a flame…candle, lighter…whatever is handy. Works on most ribbon! (You probably already knew that)

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