Removing that Pesky Candle Wax…

Written by Dawn.

Have you ever wondered how to get candle wax out of glass votives or candle holders? Or is that just my problem? I suspect others have that same issue.  Previously, I have tried hot water to remove the wax…but that always ended up being a lot of work…plus raising our water bill probably substantially.  So, during our preparations for moving this time I was determined to find an easier way.

Enter Google! (Seriously, Google has the ability to rule the world).

I cannot remember the exact site I found, but I found several…and they are GENIUS…GENIUS, I TELL YA!

The solution? The freezer. Yes, I’m serious. The freezer.

(Sorry for no pictures…I did not realize this was going to actually work…until it did).

I just popped all the votives in the freezer for an hour…removed them…hit the bottom…and out popped the candle nubs. Fully intact and ready for the trash.

Seriously, genius and ridiculously easy!

Do you have any other easy tips for us?

Shauna - August 19, 2011 - 9:51 am

Well its not really a “cleaning” tip but the best advice I received after having my first baby was to put 2 sets of sheets/pee pads on the crib bed so when the baby leaks out of their diaper or pukes everywhere (we all know it happens all to often and a lot of time in the middle of the night) you can just remove the first set and not have to make the bed in the middle of the night. What a time saver that has been!

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