Ten Things Tuesday: Forgotten in Fall

Written by Rebecca

Every year, when Fall rolls around, inevitably I have “forgotten” some of the very things that make up this visually rich and festive time of year, so every year, I am suddenly reminded of several things that I love and hate Fall for.  There’s really not that much to hate about Fall, but I give Fall a bad rap, simply because it is the precursor to a bleak and bitterly cold Winter season.  Sorry Fall, it’s not your fault, I really just hate Winter, that much and it certainly isn’t going to help you when you come around just at the time I was really enjoying some sunshine and many regular cocktails with tiny umbrellas.  Tiny umbrellas and Fall don’t mix.

So here’s ten things I’ve forgotten, (that you probably have too), that I am suddenly and mostly harshly reminded of when the end of Summer comes to a screeching halt and the Yankee candle smells of pumpkin pie fill every retail store like subliminal messaging.

1.  Turning your house heat back on for the first time in about 5 months and it smells like burnt hair.

2.  Boots are back, Baby.  Like Backstreets Back.  Don’t you just LOVE boots, I have a boot and sweater fetish.  Mid calf, below the knee, black, brown, light brown, gray, suede, buckles, no buckles, high heels, flats… ooohhh, boots.

3.  F**k it’s cold.  Annnnd, it’s only going to get worse.

4.  Having a hot cup of tea (or coffee, or hot chocolate, or hot tottie) wrapped around your hands at any time of the day, feels right.

5.  Layering.  I counted my scarfs today, I have 33.  Everyone has like, 30 right?  So yeah, putting on that sweater, those boots over your jeans, that cute camisole, under a henley which is under a light sweater, under a 3/4 length large buttoned coat with a scarf, topped with a cute felt hat or knitted beanie (toboggan).  Yeahhh…

6.  It takes waay longer to get yourself and everyone in your house ready each day AND undressed, for that matter.  Ugh to setting the alarm an extra 10 minutes earlier to compensate.

7.  Bye bye flip flops, hello ridiculous slippers.  I’ve had Homer Simpson slippers (you put your feet in his mouth), bear claw slippers, bunny rabbit slippers, pink fuzzy slippers, I’ve had them all.  And they all got worn to death.  Warm toesies are the BEST!

8.  The event during this other half of the year that includes stores stocking up on ridiculous amounts of candy, Halloween.  It’s like Easter, just as cold, but with no mini eggs. :(

9.  I got up when it was 39 degrees outside and by lunch I was sweating, what’s wrong with me?  Am I gong through the change of life at 31?  Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s Fall and the temperature can’t make up it’s mind.

10.  I wonder if all those leaves, completely covering what I can assume was my grass, are going to magically disappear one day?  No, no, they will eventually just get covered with snow….

There you go, Ten Things about Fall that we forgot.  I really do love fall, but I’m a glass is half empty kinda gal, especially if it’s filled with water and not vodka.

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