More Paper Flowers. It’s Origami, but I don’t want to freak you out.

Written by Rebecca

I know you’re bored at your desk, so I’ve got a clever little project for you.  A Kusudama Flower.  It’s Origami, but don’t freak out.  Apparently I have some kind of subconscious magnetic draw to making paper art, paper flowers etc…  I don’t know where this is coming from, but here’s hoping you get to benefit from an early symptom of my inevitable onset of clinical craziness.

BTW – this is also Part One of a Two Part project.  Part Two coming later, but you can stop right here if you want.

What it will look like at the end. So you don't have to skip to the end of the post to see how it turns out, afterall, that's how I read books.

Paper flowers with cute button centers are adorable adornments to your cleverly wrapped present, decorations around your boring cubicle or just a fun activity.  I LOVE to wrap presents in plain old brown box paper, then dress it up with ridiculous ribbon and lots of paper art.  That’s if I ever get to think far enough in advance to get someone a gift and then actually wrap it NOT in the trunk of my car on my way to their birthday gathering.  I’m a terrible friend, which is why I always opt for the bottle of wine/liquor on the way to the party… one for me, one for you…  Ahem…

These paper flowers are just as easy as my previous post on paper roses, however, for this project you will need SQUARE paper.  You can pick up a pack of 20 sheets of square origami paper at your local Michaels for $2.99 or you can just cut yourself a slice off your 8 1/2 x 11 construction paper, (or, if you’re sitting at your desk bored tit-less, grab some 5 sheets off the ream you were going to take home for your personal printer and cut those down into squares, it’s pretty as a white flower, too).  And NO, for this flower you do not need double sided colored paper, regular one sided origami or one sided color paper will work just fine, sassy pants.  We are going to keep it simple, stupid.

You’ll need:

  • 5 sheets of cute colored square paper, any size, just square and all sheets the same size.  A 20 pack is $2.99 at Michaels, or you can buy the mini packs, like, 100 sheets of little squares for $5.99 (make sure you use the 40% off coupon though, price rapists these craft stores are!!)
  • One button.  You can find one of these around your house, cut it off your hubby’s cuffs if you have to, they won’t notice, they’ve got two on there.
  • Elmers glue and a hot glue gun. (really you can just use elmers glue for the whole thing, I just like holding my glue like a gun, piyow!)
  • Paper clips to hold your art in place while the glue dries.  You’re going to want to do it this way, because that glass of wine isn’t going to pour itself out of the bottle and into that glass into your mouth.  Well, I guess you wouldn’t have to use a glass.  I’ve never done that before.  And personally I’m offended that you think I would have drunk straight from the bottle before.  You don’t know me at all!  😉
  • And about 10-20 minutes.  What else are you going to do?  Sleep?


Preface – you’re gonna make 5 “petals” to make the kusudama flower, so that means 5 sheets of square paper.

The SQUARE paper. It's hip to be square.

To make a petal – Color side DOWN (not like I have below in the first photo, that is color side up, I just wanted to show you the paper), flat like a diamond, fold the bottom tip up to the top tip, making one large triangle that is now color paper on both sides.

Grab the right corner and have that meet up with the top tip of the triangle, do the same for the left corner.

Now you have a diamond shape like when you started, only you can see the color paper and it’s smaller.

Pull out the middle of the fold on the right side you just made so it spreads out like this.

Do the same for the left side.

Turn your paper over and fold the WHITE part of your paper OVER the color part, so all you see is color paper on both sides of your art.  (Alternative:  Here you could fold your corner tip on the right and left side back over your colored part so you’d see small white triangles, this creates more decoration in the middle, so you can see why if you wanted to do this, double sided paper would be better, but we aren’t doing this, so keep reading, fold the other way if you want a more “fuller effect” in the middle of each petal)

Do the same for the other fold.

Flip your paper back around, so the folds you just made are folded over the back.

Both little triangles are folded over the back

Fold the right side into the center of the right “wing”, do the same for the left side

And do the shimmy shake shake.  You don’t have to, but I was playing some Chuck Berry at the time, it seemed fitting.

Now you have something that looks like this:

It’s done.  All you have to do now is bend it to make the petal, just like this, then add a paper clip to hold it in place (glue in between where the paper meets up and use the clip to hold it together while it dries) so you can admire your small achievement.  Well done.

Bend the petal in so the two innermost flaps touch each other, where you will apply the glue

Look! It's a freakin' petal!

To make the flower, just make four more of these and glue them together.

Hot glue the button on top, in the center of all 5 petals put together.

And there you go.  Adorable paper flower!



And if you stayed through my post this far, I’m going to make 12 of these suckers into a hanging flower ball called a Japanese Kusudama in Part Two of my early onset of clinical craziness.  Hang tight, coming soon!

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