Fab Find Friday: Halloween on a budget

Written by Andrea

Halloween can be a bit of a hard pill to swallow. Not only are you spending a good little chunk of money on a costume, you only really wear it once a year. And, most likely, if your little ones are like most, they don’t want to repeat their costume again the following year. And, if you happen to live in a decent sized subdivision like we do, you probably spend a small fortune to hand out candy, too. Not to mention decorations and parties.


Do I sound like I hate Halloween?

Well, I don’t! I just hate spending money that I don’t have! Alas, there are some really great ways to be creative and still save money for Halloween! Since I’ve been researching them and collecting ideas over the past few weeks, I figured I’d share some with you for Fab Find Friday!

BTW, I notice that many of my posts are about saving money. I’m starting to think that I’m an “in the closet” cheapskate. hmmm.

Anyway… here are some tips and ideas to help get you started down the “saving money while remaining trendy” path.

The Costumes

I love that the kids get dressed up for Halloween. I think it is so cute and such a nice way to memorialize their youth and the things they are interested in at each age. This year, I did actually save a bit of money by making Bailey’s costume – she is going to be Pocahontas. It was a relatively easy costume to make and saved me at least $20 off of the full price I would have paid in stores (I have about $20 tied up in her costume…. Shh… don’t tell her we spent more on Jake’s.) .:)

We did NOT simplify our Halloween costumes this year by going with only handmade items. Jake’s Captain America costume came with a hefty price tag, so I can’t just ignore that. However, I justified it because Jake truly dresses up in a costume at least 3 or 4 times a week… often in multiple costumes throughout the day. So, it was a purchase that would last for more than a day.

Anyway, thinking about costumes inspired me to think about some other costumes that are relatively easy and inexpensive to make, so I thought I’d share some ideas and links to some fabulous tutorials here!

The No-Sew Tutu

You might remember the tutus that I made for Bailey’s princess birthday party in March. Well, I can’t find the exact blog I went to in order to get directions (so, blog friend, if you are out there and know that I visited your site in March and want me to give you credit, just tell me!). Since I can’t find the exact post, I searched around to find one that was similar. There are many posts out there that tell great ideas and tips… but my favorite one was from a lady who told me how to cut the tulle into strips easily. Since I can’t find her link (she used a book instead of cardboard), I searched until I found this lady’s post and I LOVED it that she had created her own template for the tutus. SO… here ya go. Nice and easy and inexpensive… and completely adorable. I could see this being a really cute bug costume, cat costume, witch costume, princess (been there), fairy (done that), you name it… just pair it with the right tights, long-sleeved leotard, and a cute headband, wings, hat, or tail (you can find many of these at your local dollar store!)… And you have a really cute, creative, and easy costume!

The Cape

Of course, this is the one I thought of first. We have every superhero cape you can think of and some that you might not even realize exist. Yet, for Halloween, superheroes aren’t the only ones in capes. There are many others… from Robin Hood to vampires, from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings characters. You can truly use a cape for so many costumes, boy or girl, at any age.

I make my capes from a makeshift pattern that I created using an old round baby blanket. Yes, it is very technical and detailed.:)So, I’m sharing this one with you instead… it’s from Martha Stewart and is adorable. In fact, there are some other very cute costumes and their tutorials on this site. Check it out… why go anywhere else when you can go straight to Martha Stewart? Shew… what was I thinking?:)


These days, my most favorite obsession (and complete time-suck) is Pinterest. I think there’s a photo of nearly everything I could possibly ever want on there. I keep coming up with new projects and ideas from my pins… so many that I’ll never be able to get to all of these projects. But, it really is a great place to go for creative ideas. Here are a few links to some of my favorite Halloween decoration ideas!

I loved this post using milk jugs, because it looks so very easy, so very inexpensive, and such a good way to talk to your little ones about recycling! Plus, I actually remember doing milk jug crafts for Easter and can easily see Bailey and Jake doing this one almost completely by themselves. Um. No, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was a face, but it would surely melt my heart anyway.:)

Another one that I love is this site that has pumpkin carving templates… mainly because it’s becoming a tradition of ours. Every year, we carve pumpkins. Every year, I download some really neat pattern for us to use and then Brad proceeds to cuss me and hate me for an entire evening as he and I fight with the pattern to make sure we make the pumpkins look just like the image the kids see on the paper. Honestly, it’s really pretty easy. If I can do it, anyone can… and it’s so fun to take the pumpkins outside and light tea candles inside at night. It is really a fun thing to do with your kids. Ours look forward to it each year.


And, there’s this simple door wreath post… that I love for a million reasons. The biggest reason that I love it is because it looks so simple. And, the numbers on the wreath. Oh. My. Goodness. Just so simple, original, and cute.


There are so many adorable Halloween snacks that I have really had a tough time deciding which ones to post here.

This post includes several ideas that you could incorporate throughout October. It is definitely on my list of favorites! I absolutely love that it doesn’t include only sweets, but different ideas for each meal of the day. Totally adorable.

Lunch could be so freaking fun with this Bento box post. If only the kids would eat all of these items… they will only eat some of these things. I would totally have this one ready for Halloween lunch if it would convince my kiddos to try some new things! Oh well… maybe one of you is lucky enough to be able to use this!

I hope you all have a wonderful fall weekend! Happy Friday!

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