Ten Things Tuesday: Ten Sarcastic, Hilarious Ecards.

Written by Rebecca

I know you want to, so just do it.  Skip through my sarcastic, bitter intro and scroll right to the pictures.  Don’t worry, I won’t dislike you more than I already do. :)  AND since I don’t know how to count, expect more than Ten.  that’s just how I roll.

………I came across a site, the way I usually do, growing increasingly bitter,  whilst consuming yet another lunch… at my desk, trying to “get ahead” or “work through it” but no one actually ever tells you there is no “getting ahead” and once you’ve worked through it, you land in a bunch of it all over again, it’s like I’m Harrison Ford and I just ran through the tunnel, anticipating the light, only to come to heartbreakingly surely fatal drop at the end.  One end Tommy Lee Jones, (not freedom), and the other end, which was mistakenly taken for “light at the end of the tunnel”, well, that turns out not to be freedom either.  Just like work.  I’d rather choose possible death too, Harrison Ford, yes, yes I would.

So, imagine me, bitter, eating a toasted panini made by the fine chefs at Lean Cuisine and I burn the roof of my mouth trying to consume it at it’s recommended serving temperature, “boiling lava hot”.  I’m not getting anywhere, it’s already 2:30pm and I’m just now having my pathetic excuse for a lunch, it’s time to surf the lustrous enticing waves of the internet.

Welcome, Someecards.  (www.someecards.com)

These are the kinds of cards I would give to people if I believed in giving cards.  These are the kinds of ecards I would and actually DO send.  And if you’re sarcastic and bitter enough, you can submit your own suggestion too.  (I have, obviously, done this).    Here’s 10 (sorta kinda ten-ish) of them I particularly like and since this is a “family blog” I tried to choose the ones without swearing in them and obviously, didn’t include mine.


AND, You’re welcome…


Sign up for another random email (The someecards.com weekly eecard email) that can fill up your inbox and push you over your storage limit at work so your email can become randomly shutdown and cause all sorts of havoc for those trying to communicate work to you, which you were probably going to avoid or procrastinate on anyway.  Have fun.

Disclaimer: I endorse this message, but take no responsibility for any actions that you might take due to something I might have said or encouraged you to do.



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