Savings Jar…

Written by Dawn.

One day I was spending time on Pinterest {imagine that} and I ran across an idea I immediately loved…

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A savings jar!

The idea was that every time a person comes along a $5 bill, instead of spending it they are to put it into a savings jar.  Then after a predetermined amount of time {say a year for example} you access the jar to see how much money is in there…and then spend it on something you want. A $5 bill was chosen, I believe, because that is an amount of money that does not put such a gigantic dent into a person’s budget that they will miss it.

I admit…I was immediately hooked.  Now, I’m not one that carries much cash at all, so I wondered if I would really even be able to pull this off.  But I’m happy to say that I have so far.  Somehow I’ve come across an unexpectedly large amount of $5 bills recently!  I’m in my first month and I am already thrilled at how many $5 bills I have stashed away {even though I’m trying not to count them!}. I even find myself stashing the occasional $1 bills in the jar.

What am I going to do after my year, which is scheduled to end February 1, 2013? I am not sure.  I’m not one that usually splurges on myself all that often.  I know I’m going to give some to charity.  But other than that, I have no idea… but I’m excited to dream and plan and save…

Do you have any rainy day funds?

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