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Fab Find Friday…Healthy Feet

Written by Dawn. I’m a runner.  And with running comes nasty, crusty feet at times (that or I just have nasty feet and running is a convenient excuse). Very much including my heels.  Even painful feet at time because of callous build-up on the bottom of my feet. I have struggled with what to do…pedicures, […]

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Fab Find Friday…Body Glide…

Written by Dawn. Body Glide? That is a Fab Find Friday? I am sure you are wondering that exact thing. Or you might even be thinking “what the heck is Body Glide?” And, no, believe it or not, this is not a running post from me :). True, Body Glide is used primarily by runners, […]

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10 Things Tuesday: Advantages to Cloth Diapering

Written by Cilla Happy green week! I’ll be honest, I’m not the most “green” person. I recycle, but I’m not as dedicated as I should be. I leave way too many lights on in the house (ask Bret and he’ll tell you all about that), drive down the block when I should walk, and let […]

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Fab Find Friday. Make your own Nursing Cover

Written by Rebecca I’ve turned into quite a Home-Ec protege, if I do say so myself. I have never considered myself the artistic or creative type….well, I have lots of great ideas and have lots of creativity.. just in my head. My only successful outlet has been in creating on air (TV/radio) promotional campaigns or […]

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Fab Find Friday…Sweaty Bands…

written by Dawn. Are you like me…slightly OCD, definitely know how you like things and when that is altered, your focus becomes on that instead of the task at hand? Now that I have painted such a flattering picture of myself :)… When I introduced myself to you all during our launch week, I mentioned […]

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