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Mum’s Post.

Written by Toni-Ann Mills (Bec’s mum),  intro by Rebecca May was kind of a Mother’s Day Month THEME, so, post Mother’s Day, I thought it cool to have Mum guest blog on her birthday.  Happy Birthday MUM! Over the hill – you have to be kidding me.  Maybe top of the heap – where I […]

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You know you’re a Mum when…

Written by Rebecca Stay for the nugget of photographic gold at the end of this post……Ok, so it’s pretty obvious you know if you’re a mum, but humor me a little, as I try to humor you.  Here’s a collection of witty remarks I’ve thought of silently, after becoming someone’s mother and said to myself  […]

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Me & My Super Eggs

Introduction by Rebecca.  Written by Guest Blogger, Kristi Runyon. I have a pretty cool job, I work in TV, I have 5 TVs in my office and get to come up with crazy ideas and put them on the air for the Lexington viewing audience to see.  It can be very stressful and working in […]

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Romance and Adventure…Daily

written by Cilla & Morgan Day Cecil When Bret and I realized that there was a good chance we would never be able to conceive a child of our own, many different life plans swam around in our heads. We had always planned on being parents and living the life of a perfect little family. […]

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Two simple numbers…7 and 9…79…that is how it all started. See, my girls and I…well, we send a lot of emails. It is like we have our own little listserv. We are also obsessed with the amazing Pioneer Woman. Obsessed. So, one day I sent out an email telling the girls to check out an […]

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